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 K. David Huang
Education Ph.D. of Michigan – Ann Arbor in Mechanical
 National Taipei University of Technology

Professor of Vehicle Engineering
Electric vehicle,Green Energy Technology,Metallic Fuel Cell, 
Regional Air Conditioning, and Cooling Engineering
 office : Complex Building 113-2 

 Tel: 886-2-2771-2171 ext.3624





Work Experience


      2018-       Committee MemberMinistry of Economic Affairs advanced intelligence vehicle networking system development plan review committee

      2017-       Committee MemberMinistry of Economic Affairs Regional Energy Storage Equipment Technology Demonstration Program

      2015-2017   Committee MemberMinistry of Defense Zhongshan Academy of Science Performance Evaluation

2015-       Subject LeaderThe corporation's branch specializes in subsidy projects

2015-       Committee MemberMinistry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Innovation Platform Coaching Plan

2015-       Committee MemberMinistry of Economic Affairs Science and Technology Development Fund Project

2015-       Committee MemberMinistry of Economic Affairs Technology Department A+ Corporate Innovation R & D Quench Chain Project

2015-       Committee MemberMinistry of Education High School Development Practicing Practical Curriculum Program

2015-       Committee MemberIndustrial upgrading and innovation platform project professional review committee

2015-       Consultant New Taipei City SME Service Group Consultant in the field of metal machinery

15/10-16/12 Review committeeMinistry of Economic Affairs Smart Electric Medium Bus Pilot Operation Plan

2015-       Committee MemberXitou Nature Education Park Amusement Park Bidding Evaluation

2015        PanelistElectric Vehicle Innovation Trends Forum

2014-       Committee MemberMinistry of Economic Affairs Science and Technology Project Performance Evaluation

2014-       Subject ManagerSecond Energy National Science and Technology Plan Energy Saving Spindle Center

2014-       Moderator , TAIFE Taiwan Vehicle International Forum

2014        Committee MemberThe editorial board member of the Republic of China Automobile Engineering Technology Symposium

2014-       Committee MemberMinistry of Economic Affairs National Industry Innovation Award - Manufacturing Excellence

2014-       Committee MemberCorporate Legal Person Taiwan Appraisal Association International Higher Education (Technical) Evaluation

2014-       Committee MemberThe 19th Session of the Vehicle Engineering Symposium

2014-       Industrial experts-cum-membersLegal Foundation OTC Securities Counter Trading Center OTC Review Committee

2013-       Committee MemberMinistry of Economic Affairs Smart Electric Vehicle Pilot Operation Plan

2012-2014   Committee MemberExamination Department Civil Service Examination 

12/2-14/2    Chair-cum-DirectorNational Taipei University of Technology Vehicle Engineering

11/7-14/12   Review committeeDepartment of Economic Law, Industry, Academics, and Leading New Product Programs

10/5-        ConsultantAcademic Review Committee of the Ministry of Education

2009-       Committee MemberEvaluation Committee of Higher Vocational Schools of the Ministry of Education

09/9-11/7   Technology ConsultantSecondmented with the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

06/2-        ProfessorNational Taipei University of Technology Vehicle Engineering

06/8-08/7    Professor-cum-Associate DeanNational Taipei University of Technology School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

08/11-09/12  Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation MemberNational Institute of Defense Zhongshan Research Institute          

07/2-08/12   Junior ConsultantITRI Institute of Mechanical and Systems Research

04/6-04/12   Junior ConsultantITRI Institute of Mechanical Industry

2004-2007   Honorary ConsultantElectric Leisure Scooter Development Association

2003-2007   Promoter and SupervisorsElectric Vehicle Industry Development Association

02/8-06/1    ProfessorAssociate ProfessorDa Ye University Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

97/8-02/7    Associate ProfessorAssistant ProfessorDa Ye University Department of Vehicle Engineering

1994-97      Committee MemberSAE & Cooling Systems Standards Committee

1993-97     技術專家(Technical Specialist)American Case Corporation Engine and System Engineering

1991-93     計畫工程師(Project Engineer)American Ford Motor Company Automotive Products R&D Department